Hong Kong – Day 4

The first thing we had on our last day in Hong Kong was egg tarts,  which are now officially one of my favorite pastries.  Raisa and I were instantly hooked, and were willing to dance and perform in the streets for more egg tarts. I wish we had these in Cebu (I hear one local bakery makes these, but I’m not sure if they’re as good – will try them once I get the chance, though).

We wanted to have dim sum, which, as you may have noticed, we had not tried ever since getting to Hong Kong. I wanted to eat dumplings and siu mai, and we luckily found a place that had those. But let me tell you a funny story first.

We were walking along Nathan Road when we came across a side street that was made up of restaurants. There was a food cart vendor on the corner, and Raisa approached it. She pointed at these licorice-looking things, asked the man how much they were, and was told that it was “ten dollah”. The vendor got out a brown paper bag & a pair of tongs, and started putting the licorice-looking things into the bag. I told Raisa that we should probably leave already since the man thought Raisa was going to buy food from him, but she said no, he was just probably preparing it for the next customers (HAHAHAHAHAHA).

The vendor handed Raisa the bag, and when she told him that she wasn’t buying, the man LOOKED RAISA STRAIGHT IN THE EYES, TOOK OUT THE LICORICE-LOOKING THINGS WITH HIS BARE HANDS, BANGED HIS LICORICE-LOOKING THING-FILLED WRIST ON THE TABLE, AND STARTED SHOUTING IN CHINESE… Chinese curses & profanities, I believe! An old woman, who was just standing on the street, started to join in, too, and also spoke Chinese words we obviously had no understanding of. Raisa, Dale and I hurriedly left, all the while fearing for our safety. Hahahahahahaha.

That incident was probably a good thing, however, since it was what led us into the food street, where we ended up at Dimsum Hotspot Specialties.

The meal I had here was one of the best I had in Hong Kong. Finally, some classic Chinese dim sum. These steamed shrimp dumplings (hakao) were to die for

So was the Steamed Siu Mai w/ Quail Egg. The quail eggs were whole – cholesterol overload, I know, but they were too good to pass up

I didn’t really enjoy my Glutinous Rice w/ Preserved Sausage though, which was supposedly their bestseller

I wish I had this instead – Steamed Rice w/ Chicken & Mushroom. The rice itself was flavorful, and the shiitake mushrooms were like meat! I want to find giant shiitake mushrooms and use them as burger patties, like I saw Rachel Ray make once. Haha.

After lunch, I saw a guy who was wearing silver Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals JS Wings shoes (he also had a fox tail hanging from his pants). I wanted to take a picture of them, but he refused. Hahaha. Thank God I was in another country where nobody knew me, or I would have felt completely humiliated.

The people in Hong Kong aren’t the only fashionable ones… so are the streets, which have giant studs. Hahaha.

Walked around Nathan Road some more, until we ended up at Kowloon Park which was just… beautiful. It felt like we were in another place! Raisa even said she felt like she was in Europe. Haha.

The park was huge, clean, and very well-tended. It would seriously put our own parks to shame!

There was a pond with huge koi & birds. There was also an aviary that had different kinds of macaws, cockatoos, and parrots. It even had a McDonald’s dessert stall, where I just had to have a Double Strawberry Sundae.

There were many people walking around in togas, so we figured that they had just graduated. Each one of them carried a stuffed toy, and no two stuffed toys were the same. We were wondering why they had these toys with them, until we realized that the toys were the ones holding the diplomas.

Brought Raisa & Dale to One More Cup so that they could taste the mango milk tea, went back to the hotel to get our things, and rode a bus to the airport, where I saw this little boy whose outfit reminded me of Glee’s Sue Sylvester

Had Popeye’s for dinner, which I was disappointed with. The cashier was a bitch, as well. I would choose KFC any day!


8 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Day 4

  1. Lee says:

    “Raisa and I were instantly hooked, and were willing to dance and perform in the streets for more egg tarts. ” –Haha! I’m hooked on egg tarts too and Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings)! Kung merong Lord Stow’s branch sa Cebu, they sell egg tarts. Not as yummy but good enough. 🙂

    Tungkol kay Kuya Licorice, ganyan din yung ibang vendors dito sa China. Kaya pag ako lang mag-isa, di ko tinatanong magkano yung mga tinda pag di talaga ako sure na bibili (lalong wag tatawad). I let my Chinese friends do the tawad part for me hehe. 😀

    Nice blog Paolo! I enjoyed reading your entries and looking at the photos. Got here thru PensandLens. I’m now a follower. ^__^

    Lee of Spunk & Glam

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