Hong Kong – Day 2

Woke up to the knocks of Katsua, Roni and Jao on our door, the three having arrived earlier in the morning. Roni’s sister Kate, who works in China but just came from an trip to Australia, was also with us, stopping by Hong Kong just to see her brother.

Went to Central since it apparently has the biggest H&M in Hong Kong (four floors), but had to grab something to eat first. Wanting to eat something, say, that would make us feel like the locals (haha), we ended up at Dumpling Yuan, whose Pork & Leek Dumplings was part of the top 50 must-try dishes of Hong Kong in 2009.

The Steamed Pork & Leek Dumplings were amaaaaazing, and tasted even more so when dipped in vinegar and chili sauce!

The fried ones were good as well, but I personally liked the steamed ones better.

I also ordered Curry Pork Chop w/ Rice, which I forgot to take a picture of, and it was delicious as well, and I found everything to taste 10 times better when dipped in the different sauces.

Everyone happy with the food (except Raisa, who didn’t enjoy her beef noodles).

Walked to H&M, where I only managed to look around one and a half floors as my feet were already killing me (as we speak, there is still a huge bruise underneath my right big toe). Found this trio of fashionably-forward guys (you can look like this in Hong Kong and nobody would car, but Cebu is a completely different story haha) who went around the men’s floor, tried on stuff and found ways to wear each item differently (which means that I was observing them hahahaha).The details on the back of the middle guy’s jacket were amazing, by the way.

Roni also had to take a picture of this girl, due to her “mix of denim and leather”, or whatever that was he said (she was trying on that huge top hat in her hand).

Went to Times Square in Causeway Bay, which is probably the closest thing I’ll ever get to New York until I get that Visa, which has evaded me twice. Haha. At this point, we had separated with Katsua, Jao, Raisa and Dale, who all went to The Peak.

There were huge Christmas installments in front of Lane Crawford…

…and inside, too (that black-headed thing on the ground floor turned its head and moved its eyes).

Passed the time having ice cream at Ben&Jerry’s, plus we seriously needed to rest our feet! Here’s my scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:

Had Korean fast food for dinner

I had Spicy BBQ Beef with Noodles, Rice, Egg & Vegetables, which was one of my favorite meals in Hong Kong.

Roni’s Takoyaki

Went back to Granville Road, where I found this nag in CottonOn which looks so much like my thrifted one. Ha!

All the walking got me so hungry that I needed a midnight snack – the Le Grand from McDonald’s, and its description reads: An Eiffel Tower of 100% pure beef with slices of fresh tomato in a premium ciabatta. With not one, but two slice of cheese. There’s tasty cheddar and some rather fancy emmental. How’s that for big?

It was BIG, alright, and I wish we had this in Cebu!


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