Hong Kong – Day 1

I got back from our Hong Kong trip this morning, and I’m proud to say that that was the first trip I paid for myself (well, almost all of the expenses – the airfare, hotel stay and half of my pocket money all came from my hard work HAHA). We (me, Raisa, Dale, Yanyan and Cha) left on the evening of the 23rd and arrived on the 24th, slept for a few hours and started exploring Hong Kong. Thank God Cha knows her way around the place or we would probably have gotten lost.

One of the things we looked forward to was this mango milk tea Roni & Val said was really, REALLY good. We tried to look for it on our first day – which was an impossible task, considering the fact that we had not the slightest clue where the store was located, but we still checked out all milk tea stalls we saw – but failed.

Anyway, I finally have a picture in front of the aircraft!

New stamps! I hope to get a passport full of them… now if only I can find someone to sponsor future trips.

First meal in Hong Kong: Pepper Lunch Silvercord’s Spicy Beef Pepper Rice – of course it was good, but I didn’t find it spicy at all. It tasted exactly like the original Beef Pepper Rice (there was brown paste in the rice, which I guess was supposed to give it its spicy flavor). I am currently regretting not smuggling their garlic sauce into the Philippines.

Raisa’s Braised Beef Noodles which were just… wow!

The first H&M store (Silvercord) I’ve ever set my eyes on and set foot in. I instantly fell in love, I tell you. For everyone wondering about the Lanvin X H&M collection, all the items got sold out on the first day of release, as in ALL the items, and no new stocks are coming.

Strolled around Harbour City afterward, where we found these excrement bedroom slippers and door stopper in City Super.

Checked out MUJI, just to know what all the fuss is about

Then went to 1881 Heritage, the original headquarters of the HK Marine Place from the 1880’s to 1996, where the wind was freezing and, as shown in the picture below, blew my hair to make me look funny

Went to see the Clock Tower next, which is one of Hong Kong’s oldest monuments. On our way, we witnessed a photo shoot with a bride and groom (not sure if they were models or really getting married HAHA).

Walked to the Hong Kong Space Museum, where we were amazed at the building’s changing colored lights.

Watched A Symphony of Lights, which was amazing, to say the least. A Symphony of Lights is touted by the Guinness Book or World Records as the “world’s largest permanent light and sound show”. The buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbor have lights and laser beams that “dance” together with music.

Rode a train (“Please mind the gap”) and went to Mongkok for the night market, but had dinner at Cafe de Coral first (I remember eating there when I was in the 6th grade and keeping their toothpicks and packets of wet tissue; in fact, I still have them stowed somewhere!). I had a rice bowl with char siu pork, sausage, a chicken wing, vegetables and an egg that was a bit too salty for my taste.

Yanyan’s Roasted Duck

Walked through the night market, where my legs started to ache terribly! I seriously had the worst muscle pains in the history of muscle pains. I was not impressed with the things that were for sale, but I found myself a bowler hat, which was one of the things I was hoping to find. We also saw these dogs that baffled us at first: real or mechanical? We only realized they were really dogs when they started moving. I started taking pictures, and quickly moved away when the dogs’ owner saw me and told me to stop. Hmph.


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